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Update June 5, 2012

Dear friends, the situation is developing rapidly.

We failed to raise enough money in time and Veronika’s surgery in Germany has been postponed once again indefinitely. Her parents have been advised to try to find another less expensive option since nobody knew how long Veronika’s remission would last and how long it would take to collect the remaining money.

Her parents started the search for a clinic in Moscow that could do a surgery for Veronika using a bone marrow donor from Germany. Luckily the donor fee has been already paid in full.

Meanwhile the most feared thing happened. Veronika’s cancer developed. Her remission is over. Right now the girl is undergoing treatment in Niznii Novgorod Children’s Hospital.

We rarely get updates since Veronika’s mom is staying in the hospital with her child and has a poor Internet connection there. We are trying to stay in touch with them through the other family members and friends.

We pray for a soon remission and another chance for Veronika to receive a lifesaving procedure.

Our hearts reach out to this little angel and her brave mom and dad. We will continue to support this unfortunate family in their fight for their little girl’s life.

Update May 22, 2012

Please note that the starting time of our event on May 27 has changed. The fair will start at 4 pm, not at 2 pm as we announced earlier.

Update May 21, 2012 

Veronika's surgery will take place on June 5.
Her parents has to raise another 74 000 euros to cover her postoperative care. It is very important to get a proper care after the surgery. The doctors have to suppress her immune system so it will not reject new cells. Moreover, the child will be absolutely defenseless against infections and viruses, so she has to stay in a special very clean environment. Please, help Veronika! She is fighting for her life!

Update April 30, 2012

Veronika’s surgery is postponed because the donor has an infection. A new donor has been found. His preparation for the surgery will take one month.

Вероника Шимарова

This is Veronika Shimarova. She is almost two years old. She lives in a small town in Russia, and the routine health check up indicates that Veronika has leukemia. After five sets of chemotherapy sessions, doctors have concluded that she urgently requires a bone marrow transplant to survive. Unfortunately, Veronika’s parents did not match as donors, nor was a match found in all of Russia. There is a donor for her in Germany and the Munich Hospital can treat her for almost 220 000 euros.
Veronika’s parents have worked frantically to raise money, and some charities have helped. At this time all available resources have been drained and they are short of funds by 56,665 euros.
The girl is in Munich now awaiting the surgery in April. With no additional monetary help coming from Russia the situation is desperate.
Here, in Canada, our Russian community is trying to raise funds. Knowing the situation, how can we give up on that child? I cannot imagine what her parents must feel. Helplessness. Despair. Pain.
We have organized some events that raised over $10 000 which was wired directly to the hospital. Unfortunately, we do not have people experienced in organizing such events. Our volunteers are mothers that empathize with the pain of another parent. Fundraising takes time. With our own resources we will not be able to raise 56 thousand euros in such a short period.
We need your help. Any help is greatly appreciated: with donations, advice, raising awareness and help organizing fundraising events.

Please, help us save Veronika!

You can contact us at veronika.shimarova@yahoo.com